The member's only area was introduced to the web site early 2004. The objective was to produce a password-protected area where TPA member's could easily keep abreast of their membership status, discuss business via a forum facility and access a wide range of industry-orientated information, useful tips & data. The area continues to expand and diversify and currently contains the following sections:

  • Membership information - Submission forms to change username / password information and changes to member's personal details.
  • Open Forum - A discussion board for members to interact and chat about their specific process problems, share ideas or just to keep in touch!
  • Nexus III - Thermoplastic materials reference database. Contains generic thermal / physical data for 20 different polymer types including graphical examples of materials flow & thermal behaviour.
  • Virtual Moulder - "Rule of thumb" guide to correcting moulding problems in the industrial injection moulding process, includes explanations of defect causes such as short shotting, weldlines, silver streaking, etc, with photographic examples.
  • Download Zone - A central point for all your TPA lecture note file downloads.
Screen Shots of Current Member's Only Area Features
Nexus III - Thermoplastics Properties Database

Thermoplastic Database containing 20 generic types

Example Thermoplastic Properties Datasheet

Example of Datasheet General Information

Example of Datasheet Graphical Content
Virtual Moulder - Injection Moulding Trouble Shooting Guide

Trouble Shooting Guide - Parameter adjustment Suggestion Screen

Moulding Problem Explanation Including Photographic Examples
Open Forum - Member's Discussion Board
File Download Centre

Interact With Fellow TPA Members

File Download Centre

The plan is for continuous growth of the member's area and a number of new features are under development at present. The committee also welcomes suggestions from the membership for items of interest for inclusion within the section, and there is a facility for submitting ideas already active within the area. New features under development for addition to the area include:

Complete Listing of S.I. Rubber Abbreviations

X-Theta - Extrusion Process Temperature Profile Set Up Guide

E-REF2 - Elastomeric Materials Database Containing 18 Generic Types

Example Rubber Properties Datasheet

Example of Datasheet General Information

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