The Telford Polymer Association was formed at an Inaugural Meeting held on 17th May 1994 at the Forest Glen, Blists Hill, Ironbridge. However, this was the culmination of 6 years evolution.

In 1988, the Plastics & Rubber Institute Midlands Section Committee considered that existing and potential members in the Telford / Shropshire area with it's growing plastics industry could be better served by an "on the spot" sub-section. Ben Delves moved from the Midlands Committee to become a sub committee founder member and helped steer the group through the subsequent changes. Dave Nelson was chairman for the first 5 years during which period the formal Midlands section link was severed with the attainment of full section status, a situation originally envisaged by the Midlands Section at the outset.

It could be argued that the TPA's real birth was at the Inaugural General Meeting and Dinner of the Telford and Shropshire Section of the PRI on 18th May 1992 at Eyton Hall near Telford.

The PRI merged with Ceramics and various Metals Societies soon after in 1993 to form the Institute of Materials. With the formal winding up of the PRI, local sections saw their social funds disappear to IOM head office which focussed thoughts of some former PRI sections on becoming Affiliated Societies and thereby having control of their own finances. With encouragement from metals representatives on the newly formed IOM Regional Committee, whose metals societies were all affiliated, some having 19th century origins, this route was followed, along with the Belgium Plastics Instute and the Scottish Plastics and Rubber Association.

With the possibility that following the next change in IOM Presideny such a change may no longer be possible, a hectic period followed under the chairmanship of Graham Webster. An Extraordinary Meeting was held on 25th January 1994 to get local membership approval, followed by IOM Council approval when problems with the rules and initial funding arrangements had been made. (Following the merger the section was left with £8.50 which had somehow not been declared!)

Finally on the 17th May 1994 the Telford and Shropshire Polymer Section was formerly wound up and the TPA Inugural Meeting was held.

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