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TPA events - 2013
May 15th Measuring Polymers with a Rotational Rheometer in Oscillatory Mode (Steve Goodyer, Anton Paar Rheometers)
Apr 17th Deep Sea, Oil and Gas, Exploration: What Role for Polymers? (Ron Hindmarsh, Polymer Consultant)
Mar 1st Winter / Spring Social Evening @ The Saracens, Hadnall
TPA events - 2012
Nov 14th Radio Frequency Heating for rapid and energy efficient cure of polymers and composites (Dr. Rachel James, C-Tech Innovation Ltd)
Sep 21st A tour of air traffic control & the hangers containing the HORSA & American WACO WWII Gliders (RAF Shawbury)
May 30th The Annual General Meeting of the TPA followed bya talk: Polymers & Penguins (Brian Murray, Rondol Technology Ltd)
Apr 18th Sustainable Design & Innovation (Ben Peace, C-Tech Innovation)
Mar 27th Rubber in Space - Yes it is rocket science (Dr. Bryan Willoughby, Polymatrix Ltd)
Mar 15th Winter / Spring Social Event @ the Corbett Arms, Uffington
Feb 22nd The advantages and specialist uses of underwater pelletising (Jon Parkin - Gala Industries)
Feb 9th Manufacturing Using Light & Dust (Dr. Mark Stanford - University of Wolverhampton, Telford Campus)
TPA events - 2011
Nov 22nd Henry Wickham - EcoPirate or Saviour of the Amazon Rain Forest? (Ken Hodd - Medical Polymers Ltd)
May 11th The Annual General Meeting of the TPA followed by a talk on the History of Recording Media (Dr. Martin Gale - TPA)
Apr 19th Energy Efficient Injection Moulding, An Overall Holistic Approach (Gary Blackett- Arburg Ltd)
Feb 23rd Water Soluble Film - MonoDose™ Packaging (Dr. Dave Lee - MonoSol, LLC)
Feb 4th TPA Winter Social Event @ The Dickin Arms, Loppington
Jan 26th Flow and mixing in the twin-screw compounder (Colin Chilles - Smithers Rapra)
TPA events - 2010
Oct 20th Biomedical Polyurethane Developed Within the Custom-IMD Project (Dr. Steve Rowlands - Smithers Rapra )
May 13th The Annual General Meeting of the TPA followed by a talk on Recycling Tyre Rubber (Dr. Martin Forest - Smithers Rapra )
Apr 21st Surface activation, cleaning and coating by atmospheric pressure plasma (Graham Porcas - Plasmatreat UK Ltd)
Mar 24th Oxo-degradable additives for polyolefins (Dr. Gary Ogden - Wells Plastics)
Mar 12th TPA Winter Social Event @ The Dickin Arms, Loppington
Feb 17th Advanced composites for demanding applications (Andi Clements - Cytec Engineering Materials)
TPA events - 2009
Nov 25th Liquid Crystal Polymers (David Almond, Ticona)
Jul 30th A Visit to Brownhills Gardens
May 19th The Annual General Meeting of the TPA followed by PEPTFlow project overview - Colin Chilles
Apr 28th Tour of the Horsa Glider Project (Tim Jenkins, Education and Outreach Officer - RAF Shawbury)
Mar 11th Plastics - The Environmentalists' Friend (Colin Williamson - Smile Plastics Ltd)
Feb 11th Polymer Training Ltd - Tour (Sandra Middleton - PTL)
Jan 28th Exporting Made Easier (Christine Armistead - UK Trade & Investment)
TPA events - 2008
Nov 25th Rheology - A Practical Approach to Quality Control (Mark Edwards - Gammadot Rheology)
Oct 29th REACH in the Polymer Industry (Dr. Steffen Erler - Smithers Rapra)
May 20th The Annual General Meeting of the TPA followed by
Apr 29th Extrusion of Foamed Plastics (Martin Gale - TPA)
Feb 19th The transfer of New Product Technologies from University to Industry (Prof. Andrew Pollard - University of Wolverhampton)
Feb 01st TPA Winter Social Dinner @ The Hawkstone Restaurant
Jan 30th Oxobiodegradable plastic - A pragmatic approach to a difficult problem (Emyr Peregrine - Symphony Plastics)
TPA events - 2007
Nov 14th Vehicle Interior Air Quality (Dr. Geraint Williams - University of Warwick)
Oct 23rd A Recipe for Low Energy Processing (John Colbert - Smithers Rapra Technology Ltd)
Sep 25th Transforming Telford for Tomorrow (Claire Freeman - Transforming Telford)
May 23rd The Annual General Meeting of the TPA followed by a long service presentation & talk
Apr 24th A tour & beer tasting at the Salopian Brewery, Shrewsbury
Apr 17th Bonding Plastics and Rubbers with Cyanoacrylates and UV curing Adhesives
Feb 13th Flame Retarding Olefinic Polymers In The Green Era (Dr. Frank Agunloye - Polymer Tailoring)
Jan 16th Mines of Shropshire & Wales (Dr. Steve Holding - Shropshire Caving & Mining Club)
TPA events - 2006
Dec 6th Engineering Plastics Supply-Side Rationalisation in Europe (Dr. Mike Taylor - Excitim Ltd)
Nov 1st European Developments in Wood Plastic Composites (Prof. Geoffrey Pritchard - Hackwell Group)
Oct 12th Plastics recycling, past & present: how to survive the eco-politicians' embrace (Colin Williamson - Smile Plastics)
Sep 13th The Future of PTL (Charmaine Bowers - Polymer Training Ltd)
May 17th The Annual General Meeting of the TPA followed by: Developments in Technical Compounding (Paul Shipton - PCS)
Mar 23rd Towards The Accomodating Intraocular Lens (Kenn Hodd - Medical Polymers Ltd)
Feb 22th The Horsa Glider Project (S/ldr Martin Locke - RAF Shawbury)
Feb 17th The Telford Polymer Association Winter Social Event (The Saracens Restaurant - Hadnall)
Jan 24th Managing Waste and Environmental Law (Philip Charlesworth -Rapra Technology Ltd)
TPA events - 2005
Nov 16th Product Development - To The Datasheet And Beyond (Gary Howe - Independent Polymer Technology)
Oct 5th Vitrolite - A Novel Polymer Process Aid Based On Volcanic Ash (Steve Houlston - VitroCo)
Sep 6th A Tour and Wine Tasting at Wroxeter Roman Vineyard 
May 18th The Annual General Meeting of the TPA followed by: The Polymer Cluster: Project Update (Paul Hackney - Cluster Champion)
Mar 27th Electric Vs Hydraulic Injection Moulding (Ian Hyland - Engel)
Feb 16th Thermoplastic composites - Where are we in 2005? (Chris Price - Security Composites)
Jan 19th Development of the minimixer @ Bradford University (Martin Gale - Telford Polymer Association)
TPA events - 2004
Nov 24th Small Wonder! - An overview of Nanotechnology (Brian Murray - Rondol Technology Ltd)
Oct 27th Why plastics fail - An introduction to failure analysis - (Mike Hough - Polymer Problems)
May 19th The Annual General Meeting of the TPA was followed by a talk by David Arthur, head of membership - IoM3
Apr 13th Polymer Rheology: From tensor maths to practical benefits for processors & end users alike (Don Fleming - Fleming PTC)
Mar 4th The Horsa Glider Project (S/ldr Martin Locke - RAF Shawbury)
Feb 10th Mucell Injection Moulding Technology (Ian Hyland - Engel UK)

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